Connect (X): All Access
Private Networks Summit 2021

Expanding the Possibilities for Enterprise & Beyond

Digital Event Series | June 22-23, 2021

10:00 AM  to 12:30 PM ET

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The Connect (X): All Access (CXAA) Private Networks Summit will provide a comprehensive look at the current state of private networks across the wireless infrastructure industry.

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Why Private Networks?

Private Networks have become a high growth sector in the telecom industry with analysts estimating it to be a $60 billion industry in the next five years. Why? Industrial enterprises can now set up and run their own campus area and in-building wireless network using spectrum and standard 4G LTE and 5G cellular technologies.

The new capabilities introduced in 5G combined with the increased availability of both licensed, unlicensed and shared spectrum is fueling this growth. As a result of this convergence, private networks can be delivered by either a third-party network provider, a traditional cellular operator, or the enterprise customer itself. Industry segments such as utilities and mining industries; airports and seaport facilities; sport facilities and stadiums; higher education campus networks and more are leading the adoption curve.

Private LTE Networks will free IT teams from the restrictions of conventional connectivity technologies such as Ethernet and Wi-Fi. Infrastructure owners, professional services firms and systems integrators developing strategies to take advantage of the rapid growth in Private Networks will benefit from the Connect (X) All Access virtual conference focused on Private Networks.

This is your opportunity to understand this new market segment, the drivers of demand and adoption, and the opportunities to grow business by serving enterprises looking for partners and solutions to meet their coverage and capacity needs.

Who Benefits?

All stakeholders in the wireless, 5G and telecom services supply chain stand to benefit from the growth in Private Network Adoption. The key is to understand the enterprise market segment, and to learn more about the drivers of demand. What are Enterprise IT executives, and their IT services suppliers, looking for in a technology partner?

You’ll hear practical and up-to-date insight and information from organizations that are at work with enterprise customers, including industrial, commercial, schools, municipalities, military, and government. You’ll benefit from the latest case studies and understand how the market is responding to shared spectrum services, mobility and how it impacts the enterprise IT network. Discussion on current state of shared, licensed, and unlicensed spectrum will provide more insights on what to expect in future on spectrum front.

Why Should You Attend?

  • Hear from organizations that are deploying private networks. What lessons have they learned?
  • Understand how cloud, virtual EPC and shared spectrum enabled by OnGo offers a new suite of services that are game changers for enterprise IT executive.
  • Find out what applications are driving adoption of Private Networks, and which sectors of the wide enterprise market are positioned for the most growth.
  • Discover the current state of WiFi-6 and how 5G and WiFi-6 complement each other? Dive into the future of shared spectrum. What new spectrum options will be considered now and for the future of 6G?



Tuesday, June 22, 2021

* Schedule subject to change


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